November 2020, the month when Honduras got hit by two devastating hurricanes leaving many people homeless. San Pedro Sula, the nation's second-biggest city, was devastated, and the neighborhood of Chamelecón in particular. The nearby river overflooded and left the neighborhood sinking in deep layers of mud. Many people lost their loved ones, their homes and all their belongings. Many Chamelecón locals, traumatized and strucked by the disaster, sheltered themselves under an overpass on the outskirts of the city. Perhaps in a hope of being noticed by the local authorities.


Four months have passed since the hurricanes. Chamelecón is still covered in mud that hasn't been completely removed. Many people are missing and corpses can't be recovered from the mud. The overpass area still remains home to many families and individuals, and the governmental help they all have been hoping for is unforeseeable. They live from donations they get from generous drivers passing along or individuals fundraising money to help those in need.


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