Santorini Travel Diary

I feel like going to Santorini has become almost an obligation the past few years, hasn't it? It seriously looks like every influencer has jumped on a plane to the Greek island just in order not to miss out. Visiting Santorini had been a big dream of my mum for many years, but wasn't realized until summer 2018. Santorini, as well as other Greek islands, got me by their chilled vibe and atmosphere. We were staying in a part of Santorini called Perissa in a beautiful hotel Amaryllis that I can only recommend! Perissa is, in my opinion, more quiet and chilled than neighboring Kamari. What I should not forget to point out is that both locations are famous for beaches with black volcanic sand making Santorini unique among other Greek islands. Again, I feel like the beaches in Perissa are less crowded and the access to the sea is better.

Kamari and Perrisa are not linked by a straight bus line but there's a boat connecting these two. However, the best way of reaching one town from the other is, in my opinion, a trail leading across the mountain, providing stunning views. Although the trail is just a few kilometers long, it may be quite physically demanding so make sure to take enough water with you. The trail is really worth taking though. We also rented a car for one whole day which was enough time to explore the whole island. Our first stop was the capital - Fira, located not too far away from Oía, well-known for its Instagram-friendly locations. Looking like a tranquil paradise on the majority of photos, Oía is, in reality, actually overcrowded with people queuing for getting their photos taken at the most famous spots. It's important to realize that not everything we see on social media is the same in the real life. However, Oía has still its unique atmosphere that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world and I'm really glad that I had an opportunity to see this "instagrammers' paradise" through my own eyes.  Later on in the afternoon, we took a road down south to the Red Beach having a completely different character than the usual black ones. And that's pretty much it for my Santorini trip, feel free to get in touch with me if there's anything else you'd like to know.

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