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The Only Way Out Is Through

We've all been there. Getting caught up in our patterns all over again and promising ourselves that this time, it will be different. But deep down, we know that nothing changes if we don't make a change.

Coming out of dark places by simply turning on an imaginary switch to mask them with a sheer veil of light is not the way. The veil gets covered in dust as time goes by and it can easily slip away if the dark place trembles under a trigger. There is no light more powerful than your own and there is no trick to making an everlasting shift other than making your way through the darkness, step by step.

It's a journey inwards, into your deepest self, to the bottom of it all. As you walk through, things will start to unravel, emotions will arise, and instead of trying to make an immediate sense of it, be an observer. Observe what is happening inside of you and without judgement or labelling what's good or bad, offer compassion to all that arises. Notice your breath, its depth, temperature, and speed. Does it have any colour? Where does your breath travel in your body? Where can you send it to shine more light? Where is tension, there is attention. Once we are aware, we can take an action and direct our breath where it is needed the most - to release and to heal.

Don't let the fear of facing your fears and getting your hands dirty on the way hold you back from experiencing the life you deserve. The journey is not linear but no matter the number of setbacks, unexpected turns and hurdles, you are headed forward.

Coming to YouTube in February

  • Moving Through the Shadows to Reach the Light - Yin-Inspired Yoga Class

  • Face Your Fears - Power Yoga Class

  • Total Body Awareness Yoga Class - Vinyasa Flow

I look forward to exploring February's theme over on my Instagram @yoga.janazlunkova and my YouTube channel with you.♥

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